Dr.Puspa Mani Kharal

Message From President

Dear Colleagues and Friends 

It is an honour and privilege for me to welcome you all to the GPEMAN ( General Practice and Emergency Medicine Association of Nepal ).

We pay tribute to all General Practitioners, Emergency Physicians and other colleagues who died of COVID-19 during the pandemic while on the duty of managing patients with COVID-19. These lost lives are a great reminder of the dedication of GPs, Emergency Physicians and colleagues.

We are proud to say that MD GP&EM is the first ever postgraduate degree started in Nepal in 1982 in cooperation with Institute of Medicine of Nepal and Calgary University, Canada.

GP&EM fellows have been working hard and successfully since its first batch to this date in rural hospitals with challenging infrastructure, scarce manpower and equipment,  urban hospitals and different departments of the Ministry of Health as well as abroad. 

We owe huge respect to all seniors and colleagues who have brought our GPEMAN to this date in spite of enduring challenges and obstacles. 

GPEMAN strives for strong advocacy for it's members and runs continuous professional development programs along with research activities and training. GPEMAN serves the fraternity at the level of publications and we are going to establish standards and guidelines in the field of General Practice and Emergency Medicine. 

We, General Practitioners and Emergency Physicians have been struggling hard for a long time to get dignified jobs and professional upliftment. We must thank our preceding team for being in the driver seat and leading the fraternity in the right direction. 

It is obvious to say that members of GPEMAN are the main source of strength of the fraternity. So, we would like to request all General Practitioners and Emergency Physicians, who have not joined the association yet to join GPEMAN to make us stronger and united to bring back dignity back to our profession. 

We are going to collaborate with national and international organizations to work on betterment of scope of General Practice and Emergency Medicine, and on prevention of road traffic accidents, diseases and quality health care service prior, during and post hospitalization of patients. 

Together we grow ! We have a better future !! 
We look forward to getting your suggestion, feedback and support !!


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