Workshop 1

    Comprehensive approach to the Cardiorespiratory arrest (CRA). Controversies in CPR by European Resuscitation Council 2019. What works and what does not work during resucitation

    Specialist in Family and Community Medicine, Consultant GP with sub-specialization in EM SAMU061 Mobile Intensive Care Unit & Helicopter Emergency Medical Service | Emergency Department - University Hospital Can Misses, Ibiza, Spain President of the European Special Interest Group in Emergency Medicine of the Vasco da Gama Movement, member of the executive group of the Wonca World EM SIG. Vasco da Gama Movement National Exchange Coordinator for Spain | VdGM Executive Board Events office.

    Workshop 2

      Crash ED

    • 1. Airway & Ventilation in ED - Dr. Nisanth Menon MD, M.Med, FACEE AIMS, Thrissur
    • 2. Fluid resuscitation in ED - Dr. Sreesahitya DNB, Asian Institute for Gastroenterology, Hyderabad
    • 3. Bleeding to death in Trauma - Dr. Nithya Mohanan MD, AIMS - Thrissur
    • 4. Paediatric Emergencies - Dr. Vrushali Saudagar DNB, Sahyadri Hospitals, Pune
    • 5. Killer ECGs in ED - Dr. Roshan Mathew MD, AIIMS - New Delhi
    • 6. Neuro Emergencies - Dr. Satish Patil DNB, Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospitals, Pune

    Workshop 3

      Ultrasound Workshop

    • a. Fast & E-Fast: Dr. Bikash Ranjan Ray - AIIMS, New Delhi
    • b. Basic 2D Echo: Dr. Nisanth Menon - NAIMS, Thrissur
    • c. Falls Protocol: Dr. Roshan Mathew - AIIMS, New Delhi